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I'm Desiree, the massage therapist and owner here at the resting nook.

About me

Here's what I'd like to share - I was about 12 when I read an article about how to lull myself to sleep just by listening to the sound of my breathing... I practiced every day until it worked.  This introduction to breath work was a gift of mind + body connection that will stay with me forever.  Eventually, I would integrate my breath work with other alternative healing arts like yoga, acupuncture, and massage.  These therapies served as remedies that would restore balance in my life, consistently.  By my mid twenties I made the decision to become a massage therapist.  With formal training and education I would gain knowledge that would continue to impact my life for good and those who would later be in my care.


In 2020, after ten years of working in service to others, I paused from my work with massage and devoted my time to raising my children. I continued my education in massage to stay current in my field, and then in 2022 I created and opened The Resting Nook in Belford, NJ, a space to feel less stressed and more at rest.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me, 



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